Client: Bruno Gonçalves
Services: Visual Identity
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Year: 2022

We had the privilege of being invited to create a proposal for the visual identity of B2, a prominent running group and personal training service based in the captivating city of Lisbon. The primary objective of this visual identity was to assist them in promoting their exceptional services through merchandising, as the majority of their training sessions take place outdoors.

To capture the spirit of B2 and effectively communicate their values to their audience, we drew inspiration from the lively atmosphere of Lisbon and the exhilarating experience of running in the city. It was important to infuse the visual identity with energy, dynamism, and a strong sense of community.

While developing the visual identity, we focused on a color palette that would reflect the vibrancy and excitement of B2's environment. However, to maintain an element of surprise and freshness, we proposed changing the colors often, while keeping a consistent pattern throughout. This approach would create a sense of continuity while also offering delightful variations that resonate with the dynamic nature of B2's activities.

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