The Future of Bouwkunde

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft holds a prominent position in global education and research. Its success is driven by a strong research profile and the dedication and creativity of its students and academic community. This place is brimming with activity from early mornings to late nights, with four thousand individuals studying, working, designing, conducting research, and sharing knowledge. Through a diverse range of disciplines, including architectural design, urban planning, building technology, social sciences, process management, and geo-information science, academics and students collaborate to enhance the built environment. The faculty maintains close partnerships with other faculties, universities, private organizations, and the public sector, establishing a broad network within the Netherlands and internationally.

Over the past year, the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft has released a series of promotional publications. The idea behind these two publications was to maintain the same format as the previous ones while introducing a fresh look. "The Future of Bauwkunde" is a compact publication that delves into the history of the building and its significance for the architecture department. The multi-annual plan was developed with a forward-looking approach while acknowledging the importance of the past. Both publications serve as statements from the director of the architecture department, and through the design, we aimed to effectively convey Dick's ideas.

Client: TU Delft
Services: Book Design
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Year: 2021 

A visual practice, operating internationally, focused on Graphic Design and Art Direction.