A website that fully represents Sandrine’s work and personality. A website that’s bold and courageous but sensitive at the same time.

The website works through layers, where colors and scale have an important role.

Sandrine Morgante's body of work encompasses various mediums, including drawings, paintings, digital installations, and sound devices. Her exploration revolves around speech acts and writings, delving into the capacity of language to convey meaning amidst the influence of emotional experiences. The verbal and textual subjects she chooses to investigate can originate from diverse sources such as novels, casual conversations, official archives, or her own writings. Text and writings are viewed by her as visual entities, with the arrangement of words and the aesthetics of handwriting revealing pathways of thought, contexts, relationships, and identities.

Sandrine sought a website to showcase her artistic practice and personality, aiming for a platform that could authentically represent her. The primary challenge lay in capturing the various layers of Sandrine's work. The elegance of the formats she employs clashes with the vibrant colors and expressive drawings she creates. The overlapping layers she incorporates provide depth and complexity, necessitating the ability to closely examine all the intricate details.

To address this, we designed a website that fully embodies Sandrine's work and personality. It is a bold and courageous platform, yet also sensitive and attuned. The website operates through layers, where colors and scale play significant roles. The online portfolio commences with an overview of Sandrine's work, and it empowers the viewer to navigate through the different layers that can be added, allowing for an immersive exploration of her artistic practice.

Client: Sandrine Morgante
Category: Website
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Year: 2022

A visual practice, operating internationally, focused on Graphic Design and Art Direction.